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Atlanta Exes Premieres while Kevin Hart proposes to Girlfriend

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Last night the highly anticipated Atlanta Exes premiered starring Tameka Raymond, Torie Hart, Sheree Buchanan,  Christina Johnson, and Monyetta Shaw premiered on VH1. There are many reasons to watch the show for one Tameka Raymond was declared mentally unstable after being diagnosed with Narcissism when Usher got her to take a mental illness test when he was fighting for custody of their children. Usher who also took a test was found to be sane and was given primary custody of their two boys so I know, I for one was waiting to see Tameka in action however surprisingly on the 2 episode premiere Tameka seemed to be level headed ( good PR). Another reason to watch the show is to see the drama unfold between Ne-Yo and his ex fiance Monyetta Shaw . Now in the premiere Monyetta said Ne-Yo broke up with her on the phone but she did not specify exactly how well Ne-Yo broke up with the mother of his two children on INSTAGRAM. ( Picture below) Surprisingly despite still living in the same home for the sake of their children, Monyetta seems to be holding strong and looking out for the welfare of  her children…no drama there (at least so far).  Unfortunately it cannot be said with Kevin Hart’s ex Torie Hart who like the character portrayed to be her on Kevin Hart’s Parody show Husbands of Hollywood a show that makes fun of shows such as Atlanta Exes, Torie is trying to become a comedienne and actor like her ex. Torie every chance she gets whether in interviews or on the show mentions how Kevin cheated, how she felt ugly and she was with him when he was working at a shoe store . Torie who says she has “moved on” and now has a man who supports her more than Kevin did had the thunder of her popularity being boosted from her show premiering last night  stolen when Kevin proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years Eniko Parrish the same exact time the show was premiering (Picture below). All  over Social media, particularly on his Instagram he was being called a shade queen among other things for pulling that move so Kevin decided to address the comments by saying coincidentally Eniko’s actual 30th birthday was on the 18th, the day Atlanta Exes premiered and he was focused on only making Eniko’s birthday perfect. With the show just premiering yesterday this show is already looking to be a Ratchet Monday favorite however time will tell as the ladies get comfortable around the camera.

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