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Hey Lovies!!!!!!
Check out my interview with actor, producer and director Shawn Carter Peterson!  Don’t know who he is? Don’t worry, I’ll be happy to introduce you!!! Here’s a little something about the triple threat! 

Shawn Carter Peterson stars in the upcoming sci-fi film The Host (out March 29th) with Diane Kruger and Saoirse Ronan. In the film, his character Wes is one of the few humans left on earth who live in caves hiding out from aliens. He accepts Wanda (Saoirse Ronan) into his human “family.” In the climax of the film, Wes must decide if he will reveal the whereabouts of the humans’ hideout in order to save his own life. 

Shawn has made a name for himself by becoming a recognized staple in many national commercials, print ads and television shows. He has guest starred on shows such as “Southland,” “Six Feet Under,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Shield” and “House.” Additionally he shared the screen with teen sensation Miley Cyrus in the hit film Hannah Montana – The Movie. He is also a classically trained pianist as well as a burgeoning director and producer. 



First off, Go Baltimore Ravens!!!! :)  Baltimore got it going on these days! How do you feel to be yet another role model who hails from B-more?
LOL. It would be an honor to be dubbed a role model who hails from Charm City!  Baltimore is a great place! It was a great place to grow up and a lot of wonderful people have come out of Baltimore to do GREAT things!  I hope I can live up to my legacy!
How and when did you catch the acting bug?
I started acting when I was cast in the 7th grade dinner theatre production of Peter Pan! I was cast as Peter…and it was awesome from the very beginning!!  I knew, then, that I wanted to act and perform. I’ve always been a performer having played the piano from an early age..but there was something a little different happening when I would act and sing…a different type of magic.  There was magic at the piano too, but this was different.
Help us catch up to speed with you nowadays….you are doing commercials, print ads, and television shows….what is your main focus though?
Well, I kind of have to do multiple things at once but if I had to choose a focus, I would say it is film and television at the forefront!  I’ve been seeing great strides in those arenas in the past couple years and it’s now made me even more hungry for that kind of work.

You even shared the screen with Ms. “Hannah Montana” herself Miley Cyrus…how was it working with her? 
Miley Cyrus was very cool.  She was so “matter of fact” about the work which is comforting.  It puts you at ease.  It was like-  SCP- ” Hey, what’s up”  MC-”Hey, what’s up…let’s do this!”  SCP-”Let’s do it!”.  Then we got it done!  There was no stress or fear…at least not about the work.   Being up off the ground 25 feet on a “cherry picker”  waiting to be “boomed” in as the director in the scene….well, that is a different story…lol!
So I hear you are a classically trained pianist, I played the piano for 12 years myself, what song can you play that best suits the soundtrack of your life?
I must say out of all of pieces I’ve played, the one that seems to suit my life is Debussy’s Clair de Lune!  That one seems to follow me wherever I go. It was the name of the very first short film that I directed in high school…and I used it in there as the soundtrack.  I also seem to hear it “randomly” at very poignant moments.  It just seems to come out of the blue…almost like a sign..that things are going in the right direction!

You are now officially dubbed by me as “Mr. Do It All”  …you’re a burgeoning director and producer…when do you have time for friends, family, and that special lady? :)

LOL….Oh, I make time!  I’m a very social person so it’s part of my make up that I have to get “hang time”…and as far as my special lady?  I DEFINITELY make time for the Misses! I’d have it no other way!!

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