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Aristotle Torres is the Founder and CEO Creative Director of By Any Means, a full-service marketing firm specializing in the creation and execution of meaningful brand experiences. Aristotle strives for the stars and compromise nothing attitude has formed the building blocks for By Any Means. Even in its infant stages, Aristotle was able to secure esteemed clients off the strength of his savvy salesmanship and unfailing reputation to deliver a polished and well thought out final project. The company has now obtained dozens of substantial clients, and Aristotle has grown as an innovator, adding Video Direction and Marketing Consultation to his resume.

Aristotle has always had dreams of entrepreneurial success, and putting his best foot forward in pursuit of those dreams has earned him the honor of having his work featured across several media outlets including MTV, BET and VEVO, the world’s # 1 music video platform. Thanks to Aristotle’s vision, By Any Means is now the company behind some of recent pop culture’s most memorable marketing campaigns and music videos. A St. John’s graduate and member of Big Brothers & Big Sisters of NY, Aristotle now resides in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

BD:      Describe your humble industry beginnings.  Where and how did you start?

AT: So really I started BAM in my dorm room at SJU …it started off as a conduit of culture …[During high school] I was fortunate enough to live in midtown Manhattan …I had a moment of clarity when I am in my preppy moment and this lady came in an elevator and still clenched her purse.  I wanted to bridge cultures from my friends in the BX to [the] upper class …my mission is to bring friends together and infuse culture the process, I met J Cole and I saw talent in him …(they created a body of music called the Come Up in his Brooklyn apartment …everything he did for J Cole was for the love of the game …he knew what the formula for success was based on his experience in the music industry and based off of him, other artists started noticing him …Busta Rhymes, The Clipse, and others to name a few)

BD:      Take me through a typical day in the life of YOU.

AT: Typical day is in Williamsburg BK …I go to the gym to get a work out in , answer emails, walk my dog ….if it is a meeting day ..I have an office on 27th and 55th street ….I will meet towards the afternoon …My day is based on being loose and being like a kid ..the more I am a kid …the more I remember the reason why I am doing this …I keep myself inspired, young ,and youthful

BD:      Why do you work so much?  You’re in the club, on the block, in the schools, charity events? Why? (Funk Flex: Other than the obvious …you being a DJ) Do you feel like your face needs to be everywhere to stay relevant?

AT: It’s just the industry of multi-taskers and hustlers”  I don’t ever want to rely on one thing and not that I want to be the[jack of all trades] master of all trades and master of none, but I feel like you are stuck if you do one thing…it goes back to finance, diversifying your portfolio…if one thing falls another one can pick you up


BD:      What did coming into this industry make you learn about yourself? 

AT: It showed me that I am tougher than I thought I was .. It’s a cutthroat industry …if you don’t want to do it, someone will come along that will do it for less than you want to do it …..It’s definitely not for the weak

BD:      How is the entertainment industry different from other industries besides the obvious?  What do you have to be “made of” to survive it? How will it tear you down?

AT: The biggest difference is 90% is based on relationships. It’s all about impressing the right person at the right time…if the right person co-signs you …everyone wants to work with you…it’s just that if you are talented but [with] no exposure, you don’t get that shot ….it goes back to saying “Mediocrity is the new excellence” …they will compromise quality for consistency.  The majority of public perception is more about the look and consistency and not really about the quality

BD:      Tell me a time when you thought you wanted to give up?

AT: I mean ..there are tons of times I wanted to give up ..I’m still fighting today …I’ve only dipped my toes in the pool of success …you are only going to be put in positions that you can handle …I don’t know if I could give you one instance…this whole process is about the journey and not the destination …sometimes it’s about the failing and not being successful the first time around

BD:      What is your motivation when you are “TIRED” of it all ….work wise …how do you bring it all back into perspective?

AT:  Your motivation is just to do something unique and make people think a different way …or see things how they have seen it before ….changing positively ….

BD:      What is your sleep schedule like?  Suffer from insomnia? Narcoleptic?  Do you enjoy “Me Time”?

AT: I usually sleep in on the weekends, but normally I work 2a-7:30a/8a is my sleep …me sleeping in during the week is till like 8a …sat is 11a … my life is submerged in creativity …I am usually going to museums, Netflix’s, Lincoln center…I am always searching for inspiration ….or I like to play video games..I am very intrinsic

BD:      How do you manage a proper balance between family and work life?  Can you enlighten me on your family situation/love life? Is that even existent? How do they cope , are they exhausted?

AT: I mean you know …my aunt lives in Spain; I was an orphan so there is no family setting here ……doesn’t apply to my circumstance

BD:      Your proudest moment.

AT: My proudest moment was this Thursday when I launched By Any Meal ..a charity that hit every borough in NY and fed hundreds over all NY b.. these are people that are just getting their electricity back from Hurricane Sandy

BD:      Do you feel like you HAVE to work hard or do you WANT to?

AT: Work smart to get what you want …smarter leaders can delegate tasks ….being a micro manager does not work …I get more done because I have people I trust!!!



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