Rihanna & Katy Perry – B. F. EFF That!!!

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What’s the saying? Chics before Di**s!?! or more commonly known between dudes as Bros before Hoes?!!!  Well that’s no longer the case with industry be sties Katy Perry and Rihanna according to the recent he said/she said rumor mill! So here’s how the story goes…..




So basically homegirl (Katy Perry) hates the idea of Rihanna and Chris Brown being back together which has made it even easier to make the decision to just STAY AWAY completely!  Just how much distance is she giving her ex-bestie Rihanna? Well ,…according to the Daily MailKaty Perry requested to be seated away from Rihanna because she simply dislikes our sexy cutie pie C Breezy!!! Yikes!! I mean after all, Katy was that shoulder Rihanna cried on after the brutal beating back in 2009…so maybe Katy feels some sort of way? Who knows!!!  The bottom line is Katy ain’t havin’ it and expects more from Rihanna …like judgement and morals….You waiting for that from Rihanna then you’re gonna be waiting a long damn!!!  Rihanna be the bad gyal she want to be all day everyday and no one can change that but her, so she is going to live and learn on her own!!!!  Maybe that’s what Rihanna was pondering over as she was blowing out the candle’s on her cake for her 25th bday this week……NOT!!!  RiRi can give 2 flying shits about you Katy!!!  Remember..its like she sings “It ain’t nobody’s bidnesss but me and my baby!!!!”  However, dear Katy..you should stick around just in case that nice shoulder of yours is needed #Justsayin

Oh yeah and how about this tension between the two have sort of been going on since ummm……NOVEMBER….I’d love to seem them do a cat fight album together with special guests Russell Brand and C Breezy!!  Hey…a girl can have ratchet dreams right? This is all to be continued! LOL

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