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The Beautiful Stranger’s Birthday Week! Feb 5th-Feb12th

Published On 02/19/2013 | By Beautiful Stranger | Life Is A ....., Lifestyle

I’m not even gonna lie..I celebrate the whole damn month!


Where should I start, so basically most anything I decide to do I make sure its BIG like my PERSONALITY and I had to make a whole WEEK out of my 30th  celebration!!! So here it goes in pictures! From Day #1 to Day #5 and beyond.. …..


Day #1 started with a mani and pedi during the day at BK’s own Top Nail Design in Flatbush then the evening was filled with even more fun at the LA Lakers vs. BK Nets gam e at Barclays Center in downtown BK!  Which by the way the Lakers did win with 92 points!  Woot!  How about there were more Lakers fans at Barclays that night than there were actual BK nets fans..damn shame huh? lol ..just had to rub that in one time! hahahahhahahah!!!


Day #1 LA Lakers vs. BK Nets game at Barclay Center in BK! And yes I got my PURPLE & Gold on! From head to toe literally! Don't hate New Yorkers...yes I am a brand spanking new Lakers fan and proud of it

Day #1 LA Lakers vs. BK Nets game at Barclay Center in BK! And yes I got my PURPLE & Gold on! From head to toe literally! Don’t hate New Yorkers…yes I am a brand spanking new Lakers fan and proud of it


I ultimately ended the night with of course rockin’ the mic on the air at 106.1 BLI



On Air after the LA Lakers and BK Nets game on Day #1 of my bday celebration week!

On Air after the LA Lakers and BK Nets game on Day #1 of my bday celebration week!




Now to Day #2 ….now y’all know I almost NEVER relax because I literally work 7 days a week and shit!  So This was all about me, myself and I on some relaxation tip! So I took myself to once again the great boor of BK to the famous Body by Brooklyn for the special treatment…I mean the works!  It was The best hour and a half of my entire young LIFE!  Lawwwwddd I kid you not!!!




Body By Brooklyn #1 Spa in all of BK NY!!! Awesome!!!! A must go!

Body By Brooklyn #1 Spa in all of BK NY!!! Awesome!!!! A must go!





Day #2 continued on with a fabulous Fashion Week Event I attended for Haitian designer Charles Dieujuste!  It all went down at Sun Studios in NYC!  I was invited by my childhood friend and Fashion Stylist and jewelry designer Stacy Armand!  It was an incredible evening filled with ambitious spirit, a beautiful collection by a talented designer and celebrity sightings from Mobb Wive’s very own Ramona Rizzo!  She is a beauty and so was the overall connection and event! Pics below say it all! Check it out!






Day #3 was my SINGING debut day ….a part of this fearlessly turning 30 week was for me to do things I never thought I would do before but I always secretly wanted to do …so that included me singing my heart out on a song … or at least singing to the best of my ability!!!  I needed help of course so I summoned the best of the best in local talent that is about to make both Miguel and Chris Brown have several seats and I speak of none other than Deacon Jackson and Charles Caldwell!!!  They are beyond awesome and so was our session at WBLS studios!  They even got to sing for our very own LENNY GREEN in studio!  Check the pics out below!!! Oh and wait till you hear the song when its fully mixed and produced!  ITs something special I tell ya!  I won’t even spoil it by giving you the song title and artist…I’m just going to make you wait…trust…its worth it! **giggles** Oh yeah and how can I forget …after putting in that work in our studio session we passed by the new NYC hotspot Kiss & Fly over in the meat packing industry grabbing some drinks and of course  a birthday red velvet cupcake :) Special thanks and shout to Deacon Jackson, Charles Caldwell, and producer and sound engineer extraordinaire Jason “Bombaye” Pezzotti







Off to Day #4 …you ready? It’s tattoo time…..check out my next blog post for more!!!!  This one is getting a tad bit too long! LOL … BE continued :) xo B. Stranger


To Be Continued…….

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