The BEYONCE Effect ...Is Key Bey the first thought of the day, noon, and night?

The BEYONCE Effect

Published On 02/19/2013 | By Beautiful Stranger | Entertainment, Music


SHE’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She definitely has the talent, team, and tenacity ….now let ‘s talk about her real formula!




One thing I’ve noticed about Beyonce is that she is a marketing machine and like most smart artists have mastered the art of keeping her name in YOUR mouth!!!  How is she doing it you ask? Let’s break it down:

1.  She disappears for a bit …makes little appearances here and there mostly via social networks like Instagram and such…

2.  Every celeb needs at least one “slip up” or “glory moment” during a long hiatus so she figured she’d do that by having her team leak out that she lip synched the damn National Anthem or whatever she sang

3. She cleaned up her mess by doing what……basically causing a minor power outage at the Superbowl …well not really, but the performance was simply electrifying and definitely made me miss the whole concept of Destiny’s Child and Beyonce as a whole!  She. Kelly and Michelle brought it!  Even the mini whack fake beef between Michelle and Keyshia Cole was amusing!

And that’s it…That’s the formula…I must say Mrs. Carter…You’ve got us hooked!


So in the time span of about a month she managed to get people up in arms about her lip syncing, posting slightly raunchy instagram pics, a hands down speechless Superbowl half time performance and of course her HBO movie debut coupled with her interview with the almighty Oprah!!! I mean damn….what’s next? Running for office?  Should we overanalyze all of this? No …not really because I don’t feel like going so deep into something so simple!  IN my humble opinion, Beyonce loves Oprah so much she thoroughly studied her entire career and copied it and made it her own….now she literally has the same effect on people Big O does….am I right or wrong?  You either love B or you love to hate her….Regardless…Congrats and I secretly can’t wait to see what is next?  Maybe another  baby?



The main reason for the post was for me to harp on Beyonce’s HBO film debut, but I still have yet to see it…yes yes I know…I’m behind…my ,pst sarcastically sincere apologies, but I was too busy in DC witnessing history during MY bday week at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on a cold winter’s night to see our beloved Beyonce showoff her beautiful daughter Blue Ivy’s face (looking all like Jay all day everyday ….a really pretty Jay might I add :)  I promise to catch up folks because y’all know I always have commentary for something or someone!  It’s com in’…be patient! LOL …what’s your thoughts on the BEYONCE effect…do you think she even has an effect on your life or the lives of others? do you even give a flying fuck? LOL ….


Let’s discuss because this will be my last Beyonce post for a while….unless she does something epic like manage to get her face added to mount Rushmore!


Over and Out


The biggest reason for this post was to

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